Taos County Commission Approves Renewable Energy Resolution

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October 21, 2013
Taos, New Mexico
For Immediate Release

Taos County Commission Approves Renewable Energy Resolution

The Taos County Commission recently approved a Joint Resolution to promote and adopt renewable energy practices within Taos County. The Resolution, approved at the October 15th meeting, recommends creating a regional advisory committee to guide the Commission to that end. Renewable Taos crafted the Joint Resolution that also will be presented to governments throughout northern New Mexico.

The resolution recognizes that New Mexico has abundant resources of renewable energy, a long history of the effective use of those resources, and that using renewable energy keeps our air and water clean. The resolution also recognizes the economic impacts of quality employment associated with local generation of renewable energy, as well as stimulating the tourism, recreation, construction and other local industries.

Mary Emery, a member of Renewable Taos, presented the Resolution to the Commissioners. The four commissioners present voted unanimously to approve the Resolution. The Resolution will next be presented before the Taos Town Council at its October 22nd meeting for a similar review and vote.

“Sixty million dollars leaves the Taos County economy annually in fossil fuel energy costs. That is a huge amount of money that could stay and circulate in our economy. New Mexico has abundant sunshine, everyone knows that,” says Emery. “A solar array the distance between Albuquerque and Santa Fe, and 50 miles wide, could power the entire United States. Recently the cost of solar has become competitive with natural gas, purely on an economic level, without even weighing the environmental benefits. Taos County has a vast solar resource and the potential to be an exporter of renewable energy to other parts of the country.”

The Resolution includes the formation of a regional committee to plan the transition to locally owned and operated renewable energy facilities;to work with New Mexico and Federal officials, utilities and rate payers to remove obstacles to local generation of renewable energy; development of local and regional energy transition plans; and development of a regional marketing plan based on our commitment to local generation of renewable energy.


For more information, please contact Mary Emery cell 575-770-8382.

Website: RenewableTaos.org


Renewable Taos is dedicated to promoting and facilitating a full transition to renewable energy and energy efficiency in Taos County. We advocate for renewable energy and energy efficiency with an emphasis on local ownership, building community partnerships to facilitate the transition to renewables, and proposing and supporting projects. We also work with other organizations to change the political climate in the state and country to facilitate the transition to renewable energy.