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Have you seen the Renewable Taos Joint Resolution, its been passed by all the villages and towns in the Enchanted Circle!

Renewable Taos Mission

Renewable Taos is dedicated to promoting and facilitating a full transition to renewable energy and energy efficiency in Taos County and our surrounding region.

Video of the Month

The Case Against Burning Trees for Energy. a video from live science that explains why cutting trees and burning them for energy is not a good way to fight climate change.  Fire wood licenses in our forests allow harvesting of dead and down trees.  This video is sure to give rise to debate.



Coal Is the Dirtiest Fuel and it is the fuel used to produce the energy we consume in the Enchanted Circle.  The only reason that coal is "cheap," is our failure to put a price on the human and environmental costs that burning coals entails -- miner deaths, black lung diseases, many respiratory ailments and other diseases caused by breathing pollution, and most importantly climate change and the harm that it is creating.


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