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Have you seen the Renewable Taos Joint Resolution, its been passed by most of the villages in the Enchanted Circle!

Renewable Taos Mission

Renewable Taos is dedicated to promoting and facilitating a full transition to renewable energy and energy efficiency in Taos County and our surrounding region.

Video of the Month

The Case Against Burning Trees for Energy. a video from live science that explains why cutting trees and burning them for energy is not a good way to fight climate change.  Fire wood licenses in our forests allow harvesting of dead and down trees.  This video is sure to give rise to debate.



Five Major Points from IPCC Report on Climate Change, Bill Moyers & Company.  The most recent IPCC Report attempts to convey the very high level of certainty about climate change among scientists by comparing it to the level of agreement among scientists that smoking causes lung cancer.  That's not the only parallel to smoking's harmful effects.


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