Hello and Welcome!!! Renewable Taos, a local non-profit needs your help to bring renewable energy to Taos and northern New Mexico. Our goal is 100% local renewable energy for all energy sectors, electricty, home heating, and transportation. Initially this means using solar and wind energy to generate our electricity. In later phases it means replacing propane and natural gas with renewable technology and finally transitioning most of the transportation sector to electric passenger vehicles.

We all use electricity to power our homes, our businesses, our agriculture, our entertainment, our communication systems and even some of our vehicles. Our power provider, Kit Carson Electric Cooperative, has a 40 year contract to buy 95% of its power from Tri-State Generation and Transmission Association, Inc. Most of that power comes from the coal burning San Juan Generating Station in the Four Corners area of New Mexico. Coal powered electricity production uses enormous amounts of water and causes serious air and water pollution. The health related costs to New Mexico, especially in the Four Corners area, are significant as is the toll on the downwind population. Continuing increases in the cost of electricity have left us vulnerable to repeated rate hikes.

In contrast the benefits of transition to renewable energy for our community and New Mexico are great. The water requirements for wind and solar electricity production are very low, pollution is minimal and once installed Renewable Energy costs are stable and predictable because they don’t depend upon market prices; and the “fuel” is free. Locally generated renewable energy leaves more expendable income in the community and attracts businesses seeking cost efficient sustainability profiles. Renewable Taos currently is performing a detailed study of the costs and benefits of renewable energy transition scenarios.

Renewable Taos seeks a way to eliminate or circumvent the limitations of Kit Carson’s contract with Tri State, so that Kit Carson can expand solar and wind power purchasing and investment. Renewable Taos has introduced and lobbied legislation, and interacted with officials at the local, state and federal level to promote the transition to Renewable Energy and overcome policy, and technological obstacles.

Currently, Renewable Taos is conducting several studies: Legal research, cost of energy analysis, wind power purchasing and transmission feasibility and battery/geothermal and other backup systems in order to create a reliable and cheaper renewable energy system for northern New Mexico.


Renewable Taos meets every Monday at 2:30pm in Room 175 of the Taos County Administration Building and on other agreed-upon days to address specific issues. The meetings move quickly through agenda items, and can be technologically complicated or address complex legal/policy issues. For new members and other visitors, Renewable Taos sets aside the first Monday of every month for orientation. At that meeting we answer questions and talk to our visitors about how they might fit into Renewable Taos work, and we provide an update on what Renewable Taos is doing.


The Renewable Taos Articles of Incorporation do not assign specific officers except the office of Treasurer. Bob Bresnahan and John Gusdorf are the co-founders of Renewable Taos. John Gusdorf issues the agenda, and meeting announcements. Additionally, Renewable Taos has the invaluable guidance, assistance and work of William Brown of Sage West Consultants, and The Climate Reality Project; consulting on Energy Science, Technology, Policy & Economics.

Renewable Taos Wishlist

Renewable Taos especially needs self-motivated individuals to take on responsibilities in fundraising, grant writing, event coordination, messaging and social media. Experience is helpful, but we find that a strong desire to help is more important.

Donations and Membership

Yes, yes we need your financial support. Membership is a yearly $50 donation. We count on this small fund of membership support. Members receive periodic emails on our progress and on important environmental events and issues. Please click the “Donations” button on the top right of every page.