Academia's Role in Managing Climate Change, several talks on the state of discourse on climate change in academia, chief of which is a lengthy talk by Andy Revkin, Dot Earth blogger for the NYT.  Interesting and maddening.  Revkin is interested in why we don't act on our knowledge of climate change.

The Case Against Burning Trees for Energy. a video from live science that explains why cutting trees and burning them for energy is not a good way to fight climate change.  Fire wood licenses in our forests allow harvesting of dead and down trees.  This video is sure to give rise to debate.

Annie Leonard and the Story of Stuff.  This link takes you to a site with several outstanding videos including "Tis the Season to Get Trampled," a cautionary clip about extreme consumerism.  Annie Leonard's charming educational videos -- The Story of Stuff, The Story of Solutions, etc. --are fun, educational, and very thoughtful.  Recommended for almost all ages.  

Climate Change:  Going Beyond Dangerous, a talk by Professor Kevin Anderson with slides.  Although this is not strictly speaking a video, Anderson speaks authoratatively on climate change.  Some of our fears about the forecasts from scientists, namely that they are too conservative, are probably true.  The urgency of the situation demands action.  


Wind, Water, and Solar -- a Google Conversation with Actor Mark Ruffalo, Banker Marco Krapels, and Dr. Mark Jabobson, Stanford Professor and Author of Practical Transition Plans to 100% Renewables.  This is an informative and entertaining talk with three very different leaders in the Renewable Energy Movement.  The real star here is Mark Jacobsen.

Video of the Month

Clean Disruption: 100% electric transportation and 100% solar power by 2030. A keynote speech from September 19, 2014 by Tony Seba. Tony Seba is an author, educator, visionary. It gets off to a slow start, but the content is fascinating and he paints a picture for the future.


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