Renewable Taos Project

Renewable Taos Project

We are actively working on the Renewable Taos Project (2015-2016). We'll be adding materials and other information as they become available.

The Renewable Taos Project grew from Renewable Taos' participation in the Rocky Mountain Institute eLab Accelerator, a national electricity innovation program. The eLab Accelerator program was held at Sundance Mountain Resort, UT in March 2015. We were one of twelve teams from throughout the USA to develop projects for solving today's challenging energy transformation problems. (More information on the origins of our project)

If you are interested in talking with us, joining us, or simply want to find out more. You are welcome to come to a meeting, we meet weekly, up-to-date meeting information is on the About page. You can also email us or call, see the About page for details.

Our first document, Renewable Energy Taos & Vicinity Report (white paper, see page 5 for the summary), is a look at how things are, energy-wise, in our region. And some ideas Renewable Taos is working on. As a reminder, Renewable Taos' mission covers electricty, heating & transportation, they all need to come from renewable sources. We are currently focusing on electricity, with a keen eye on how this can affect other energy sectors.

September 26, 2016 - added Renewable Taos Inc. Regional Market Letter


Renewable Taos Inc. Regional Market Letter Renewable Taos, Inc. is sending this letter in late 2016 to a New Mexico statewide list of federal, state and local political representatives, federal and state agencies, businesses, NGOs and other selected parties.

Renewable Energy for Taos and Vicinity, New Mexico - Renewable Taos Project White Paper (updated Nov 2015)

Population and Energy Profile & Costs KCEC Service Area - Current demands and costs for most forms of energy in the Kit Carson Service Area (updated Feb 2016).

Modeling Renewable Electricity For KCEC Service Area - Renewable energy modeling for KCEC short-term transition planning.

Electrical Storage for Renewable Energy in the KCEC Service Area Some Preliminary Thoughts by Renewable Taos

Update of Modeling for KCEC Short-Term Transition Planning - Discussion paper, update of modeling for KCEC short-term transition planning. With new KCEC demand data for 2014