Video of the Month

Clean Disruption: 100% electric transportation and 100% solar power by 2030. A keynote speech from September 19, 2014 by Tony Seba. Tony Seba is an author, educator, visionary. It gets off to a slow start, but the content is fascinating and he paints a picture for the future.
The Case Against Burning Trees for Energy. a video from live science that explains why cutting trees and burning them for energy is not a good way to fight climate change.  Fire wood licenses in our forests allow harvesting of dead and down trees.  This video is sure to give rise to debate.
Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) Plant Animation, this youtube video is a good demonstration of how these kinds of plants operate. From Beyond Zero Emissions, an Australian group working to run their National Electricity Market with 100% renewable energy. There are many other interesting videos from BZE, watch the animation then check out some of their other videos.
The Case for the Profit Motive in Conserving the Environment, Andrew Revkin of the NY Times blog Dot Earth interviews Mark Tercek, executive at the Nature Conservancy and author of Natures Fortune: How Business and Society Thrive by Investing in Nature.  -- Note the actual interview begins around 12 minutes into the tape.  Two very knowledgeable moderate environmentalists discuss making change.
A 40 Year Plan for Energy, a speech by Amory Lovins, author of Reinventing Fire and founder of Rocky Mountain Institute.  * When you get to the Rocky Mountain Inst. page, scroll down and link to the video.
The Largest Calving Event Ever Recorded, Dec. 2012, from Chasing Ice, an Academy Award nominated documentary on climate change in the Arctic.  If you had any lingering doubts about climate change, don't miss this!