Core Values

A full transition to renewable energy is essential to sustaining our traditional way of life in Taos County and our surrounding region. Making the transition in concert with others around our planet is urgent and necessary to the health of our people and the land, air, water and life that surround us. In accord with these imperatives, we believe the following:

  1. Our climate crisis is solvable and urgent; renewable energy is a powerful solution for our climate crisis; and we need the fastest possible solutions to this crisis.

  2. A transition to 100 percent clean, renewable energy for our communities is achievable within a few years.

  3. Our economic future is dependent upon locally owned and managed renewable energy generation.

  4. Our nearby communities in New Mexico and Colorado face the same climate and energy issues we face, and will be our partners in confronting these issues together.

  5. Everyone in our communities at all levels of income is entitled to and should benefit from equal access to clean, renewable energy.

  6. Our precious water resources are threatened by dirty energy systems, and our waters will be protected if we use renewable energy.

  7. Our current energy demands rely on exploiting the lands, waters, and resources of others at great distances from where we live. We can serve our energy needs in perpetuity with renewable resources primarily derived from local lands while using the grid as a backup.

  8. Building a renewable energy future strengthens our community bonds, our local economy, and our relationships with all neighbors in our region.

  9. The integrity, stability, and beauty of our region are treasures that can be protected by our actions. We have the responsibility of stewardship of our lands and waters for our descendants and ourselves.

Based on these values, we believe that it is a grave mistake to continue consuming energy from sources that threaten human health and security, and that damage all other living systems on our planet. Therefore, all of us must work together with all possible haste to create renewable energy systems for all the people of our region.