Breaking News - Big Federal Decision Affecting Rural Electric Co-ops 2015 June 18

Renewable Taos is preparing a press release, in the meantime here's some details on the important ruling.

On June 18, 2015 the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) made an important ruling in favor of more independence for Rural Electric Cooperatives (RECs).

In the case of Delta-Montrose Electric Association, Colorado (DMEA), a Tri-State member REC, FERC -- among other rulings -- said: "Delta-Montrose’s obligation to purchase power from qualifying facilities (QFs) under the Public Utility Regulatory Policies Act of 1978 (PURPA) supersedes any conflicting provisions in Delta-Montrose’s requirements contract with Tri-State..."

"Qualifying Facility" refers to a renewable energy facility, whether existing or planned, and the PURPA Act was passed with the specific intention of encouraging development of renewable energy facilities.

I attach the formal FERC decision plus a couple of news articles on the decision published in the past couple of days.

Note in the FERC decision document Appendix that Kit Carson Electric Cooperative, Inc. filed a motion to intervene in support of DMEA and that Renewable Taos provided supporting comments without a motion to intervene.

Our attorney (and many others) are reviewing the implications of this decision that could mean a major change in opportunities for Kit Carson and other REC's to begin deploying significant amounts of locally developed and managed renewable energy facilities -- far above and beyond the current limits of the Tri-State all-services contract.

Two articles on the subject:

A door squeaks open for rural energy independence - High Country News June 22, 2015 (PDF)

Feds grant local electric co-ops more control - Durango Herald - June 22, 2015   (PDF)

And the actual order:

FEDERAL ENERGY REGULATORY COMMISSION - Delta-Montrose Electric Association, Docket No. EL15-43-000