Community Solar

Community Solar


Community Solar is a way for you to purchase clean solar energy and reduce your electricity bill without having solar panels on your roof or yard. How is that possible?

A Community Solar array has a large number of solar panels. Customers of a local utility like Kit Carson can buy one or more panels. Then the value of the electricity generated by those panels is deducted from their electricity bills each month.

It's a formula that reduces your monthly bills at the same time that it reduces the emissions that are polluting our atmosphere and causing global warming.




Owning solar panels in a community solar array, compared with owning panels on your own house or business:

  • All the Benefits of an excellent solar location. Even when your own building has too much shade, poor orientation or zoning restrictions.
  • Makes solar electricity available to renters and leasers. Your panels are not located on your house or business, so you don’t have to own it.
  • No maintenance. Your panels are always maintained, and replaced if necessary, for 50 years. That’s about twice the lifetime of most systems.


More Advantages


  • You get the tax credits. Even if you don’t pay taxes. The tax credits for solar systems are only available to those who pay federal and state taxes. With community solar, the organizer gets the tax credits and passes the savings along to all customers.
  • Keep, sell or give away your panels if you move.
    • If you move within Kit Carson Electric’s area, your savings are automatically transferred to your new address.
    • If you move away, you can sell them or give them away. If you give them to a school or charitable organization, you get tax credits.
    • You can leave them in your will.
    • In fact, you can sell or give away your panels at any time, even if you don’t move.
  • Flexible purchase plans.
    • You can buy the number of panels you want at once.
    • You can buy them one at a time, and get the savings as soon as you buy each one.
    • You can purchase the number you want with a low-interest, no-fee credit union loan, and get the savings immediately.


Foothills Community Solar Array 

Foothills Solar Array at Taos Charter School