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Renewable Taos
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Taos, NM 87571
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We are meeting Mondays in room 175, details below.

We meet weekly, Mondays, 2:30 pm in the Taos County Administration Building, 105 Albright Street, Taos. Park in front of the building, on the side facing Paseo Del Pueblo. When looking at the complex, the Administration building is the one on the right. We meet in Room 175 (ground floor).

If you are coming in from the big courtyard, walk towards the elevators, take the hallway to the left, room 175 is on your right.

See map below, click map for directions.

On Monday holidays, when the county building is closed, we frequently meet at Mondo Italiano, south of the county building on Paseo del Pueblo Sur

Taos County Building

Map or Directions


Board of Directors:

Bob Bresnahan, treasurer - designs custom furniture.  He had a career as a business planner and consultant and, as a young man in the 1960s and 70s, he worked for the peace movement.  "My daughter taught me that we need to learn how to live without spoiling our planet for future generations."

Mary Emery - is a Real Estate Broker for Century 21 Success, LLC since 2003 and a resident of Taos since 1989. As a parent volunteer, she served on the building committee at Taos Charter School to plan of the new “green” gym and cafeteria building. She was the project coordinator for the school on the first community solar array in New Mexico, the Foothills Solar Array. She coordinated efforts between the school, Kit Carson Electric Coop and the Clean Energy Collective to keep the 100 KW, 420 panel solar array moving to completion. Politically progressive, Mary believes in protection of our environment. “Addressing climate change to me means abandoning antiquated fossil fuels, and promoting renewable energy systems to sustain our planet. We need to work against the corporate chokehold of our nation’s energy policy.” She sews costumes for theater, and is relearning the piano after a 30 year hiatus.

John Gusdorf - has a Masters in Environmental Sciences and spent thirty years working in energy efficiency and renewable energy in the private sector and for the Canadian government.  He believes that Taos can become a leader and a major supplier in the transition to renewable energy.

Jay Levine - is a local web developer with a passion for progressive politics, the environment, and technology (among other things). "I'm involved with Renewable Taos because there are things we can do and must do about the changing climate. We are the problem and the solution."

Diane Gledhill - B.S. Univ. of Wisconsin 1966, M.A. Counseling Psychology 1985.  After years of activism for peace and nuclear disarmament I question whether any of my efforts made any difference.  For that reason I am excited to now be supporting a local, doable goal which addresses the most urgent challenge humans have ever encountered, man created climate change.  I am honored to be working with the talented, hard working and committed individuals of Renewable Taos.